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There’s no shortage of on-time delivery fulfillment with Caster Concepts. Our industry-best lead times and our ability to design and manufacture make-to-order casters are the direct result of a strategic approach we call vertical integration.

What is Vertical Integration?

Vertical integration is the practice of controlling multiple stages of the production process, from raw materials to finished goods. As a full-line, fully integrated manufacturer, Caster Concepts can provide many benefits to our customers.

The Benefits of Vertical Integration for You:

Vertical Integration: Customization Without Constraints.

At Caster Concepts, we handle a significant portion of the manufacturing process ourselves. Equipped with advanced machinery and operated by skilled professionals, our facility is optimized for efficiency. This enables us to provide customers with custom manufacturing capabilities at mass production-level pricing. Additional metrics and methods include:


High-quality, custom-made casters and wheels when you need them, every time.

Our commitment to vertical integration ensures that you receive high-quality, custom-made casters and wheels when you need them, every time. Our goal is to make casters to your exact specifications that help reduce push force and move heavier loads with less effort and fewer worker injuries.

For more information on the benefits of vertical integration and how Caster Concepts can support your material handling applications with efficiency and expertise, contact our solutions specialists.