Material handling solutions tailored to solve your heaviest production issues

Agriculture & Heavy Equipment Industry

Built Tough To Easily Move Heavy Stuff.

The type of equipment required to build and maintain the heavy equipment of today need to be as rugged and reliable as the cranes, tractors, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment themselves.

Workflow optimization is a greater challenge when carts and carriers are taxed with supporting massive loads, creating challenges and safety concerns. To help keep this industry moving, you’ll find Caster Concepts’ heavy equipment casters on the plant floor and out wherever durable and dependable casters are required.

Solutions to Minimize Shock Loading & Maximize Productivity

Sudden impact, known as shock loading, can cause caster failures, specifically at two stress points, the swivel section and the caster legs. These types of problems can cost a company thousands in downtime and lost productivity.

To overcome this, Caster Concepts offers spring loaded casters that absorb shocks and minimize the impact for smoother movement and a reduced risk of damage. We also design casters with bubbled legs that are continuously welded inside and out to the yoke base and designed to handle high impact. These casters also feature a single-ball race design, providing a higher-strength swivel section and worry-free operation.

Casters Made Stronger To Last Longer

Using inexpensive import casters on material handling carts can easily fail when the wheels are not rated to handle more capacity when the carts’ loads get heavier.

Depending on your specific application, we offer a variety of long-lasting poly wheels for various conditions, such as our general purpose wheel that is non-marking and has high tear strength and resistance to flat spotting. We also have maintenance-free casters that are sealed to prevent dust and debris from entering, offering a longer life cycle.

Solutions to Reduce Push Force.

In busy manufacturing plants, material handling carts keep the assembly lines moving.

A common challenge is with increasing loads and caster wear, a cart can become extremely heavy and hard to push, causing overexertion injuries and costing a company a significant amount of money in lost productivity and worker comp claims.

Caster Concepts has a wide selection of ergonomic casters focused on reducing injuries and the force to move a cart. Tapered treads, independently rotating wheels, and round wheels reduce the initial and continuous push force while our swivel-on-swivel designs offer longer leads, making it easier to rotate and move a caster.

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87 Series Caster with Twergo Wheel

87 Series Casters – 5,000 Lbs Max Capacity – 6 x 7.5 Top Plate – Maintenance Free

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57 Series Caster

57 Series Casters – 1,500 Lbs Max Capacity – 4.5 x 6.25 Top Plate – Maintenance Free

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TWERGO® Casters – The Ultimate Ergonomic Caster Wheel.

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ERGOXCEL™ – Maintenance Free Ergonomic Casters That Reduce Injury Risk.

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