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Automotive Conveyor Products and Solutions

Automotive manufacturing is an extremely competitive industry, one that is constantly looking to increase productivity and gain greater efficiency, while maintaining high standards for quality and safety. We know this all too well, because automotive manufacturing is the first market we served and is our primary market today. It is also the driving force behind many of the innovative conveyor products that we create and bring to the automotive industry.

Automotive Conveyor Systems

We are experts at solving unique conveying issues and are willing to engineer a solution to meet your custom specifications. If you don’t see it – ask us! We’re known for going beyond standard and that’s why customers turn to us when facing the broadest imaginable conveyor application challenges. We offer everything from reverse engineering, quick quoting, to fast delivery times with no limitations on product capabilities. We specialize in made to order custom conveyor rollers and parts for your specific conveyor systems.

We combine our engineering services with flexible manufacturing, to ensure that the EXACT part needed for your conveyor, is made with extreme precision and very tight tolerances. By performing all major functions in house, we are able to eliminate the miscommunication and delays that occur when dealing with multiple organizations, at various facilities.

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Power Roll Bed Roller

Our single wheel coated rollers can be matched to almost any dual line conveyor system. They are available for coating in a variety of high grade polyurethanes and are normally driven by a series of toothed belts.

All Steel Rollers

All our steel conveyor rollers are perfect for high temperature applications. These belt-driven rollers can be custom built to your company’s exact specifications.

Coated Rollers

Polyurethane coated rollers are excellent for the handling of skids and pallets. In addition to competing with industry leaders in terms of weight capacity, our rollers are also capable of standing up to the most trying cycle requirements, including rapid starts and stops.




Automotive Trolleys

These conveyor parts are commonly found in automotive paint operations. They are made from a fabricated frame and either a steel wheel, nylon wheel or a polyurethane wheel. These are typically abusive applications and precision in manufacturing of the product is key.

Automotive Conveyor

Skillet Friction Drive Wheel

Skillet Friction Drive Wheels are designed for automotive assembly operations and are used to propel skillets and skids through a conveyance process at a predetermined speed.



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