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Enhance Stability in Automotive Material Handling


An automotive facility had carts carrying heavier loads, which could get up to 5300 lbs. Besides the challenges they faced with the increased load weights, they still needed to meet safety and noise requirements.

The cart manufacturer working with the automotive facility turned to Caster Concepts to help figure out a viable solution.

In the first test, the cart used a six-wheel configuration to distribute the load better. While this did a good job distributing the load, the cart would fishtail around corners. It was then determined that the cart needed to be shorter and only use four casters on each corner to balance load distribution and provide more stability when maneuvering.


The answer was a 71 series caster with an 8 x 3 thick tread poly wheel. The 71 Series is our heaviest offering in the fabricated single-ball race caster. These swivel bearings act as both load and thrust components and lock the swivel section together to distribute the load over a larger area.


After testing and consideration, the automotive manufacturer ordered new carts for their facility based on the current testing. The new carts were under their noise rating with the new casters and poly wheels —  all while meeting the new load requirements and safety standards carrying a 5300-pound load. Going to the four-wheel caster design saved them $400.00 per cart, which added significant savings.

Motorized Solutions

Towing loads from one place to the next can take time and resources, and if there is too much weight to move manually, it may even increase the risk of injury. With EV batteries weighing considerably more than traditional vehicle batteries, the carts used to transport them weigh more as they carry more weight. Our trademarked Drive Caster® simplifies the process by reducing risk, enhancing productivity, and enabling profitability.

Drive Caster installed on battery cart

Caster Concepts recently helped an engineering firm find a solution for a new battery cart application on a flat deck 5 feet by 22 feet long. The cart turns in all directions and has a load capacity of twenty tons moving fifty feet per minute.

The Drive Caster is a 20 x 8 poly drive wheel located at the cart’s center. In addition, a pair of dual-wheel 91 series swivel casters were installed at the cart’s ends. This motorized maneuverability allows the cart to drive under a table and go into a building, eliminating operator strain with the ability to carry heavier loads.