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Conveyor Products

An experienced conveyor belt supplier specializing in made-to-order and custom conveyor rollers and parts.

With so many custom-made conveyors in use throughout various industries, one size fits all is not an option for a conveyor belt supplier. Which is why many companies come to us when facing a particularly challenging conveyor application. With an experienced engineering department and a flexible manufacturing process, we can ensure that the exact conveyor part you need is designed with tight tolerances and delivered on time.

To streamline the process and avoid delay, all major functions are performed in-house. With several years of proven experience as a conveyor belt supplier, we’ve built replacement rollers, tracks, sprockets and sub-assemblies for our customer’s conveyors used in General Motors (GM) Ford, Chrysler* and several other companies where high precision and high production go hand in hand.

Solving Unique Conveyor Issues

As a division of Caster Concepts, Conveyor Concepts are suppliers of conveyor rollers and experts at solving unique conveying issues and are willing to engineer a solution to meet your custom specifications for your industry. If you don’t see the conveyor part you need, ask us! We’re a top U.S. based conveyor manufacturer known for going beyond standard.

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In addition to providing quality parts and components, Conveyor Concepts prides itself on our service capabilities. We go that extra step to make sure your needs have been met, and that you are completely satisfied. Our full range of services include:

  • CNC Turning Centers with Live Tooling Lathe to produce complex parts with extreme accuracy
  • Reverse engineering capabilities for exact and high-quality duplication of sample part using the
    latest GIBBSCAM software
  • State-of-the-art measuring and inspection equipment to ensure tolerances and specifications
  • Quick turnaround time on quoting and fast product delivery times
  • The ability to machine all types of materials, from steel to nylon, and brass to tool steel. There
    are no limitations on our product capabilities. We can do it all!

*General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler brands are property of their respective companies. Mention of these companies is not intended to imply endorsement of Conveyor Concepts and its respective products

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