80,000 lb. Boat Molds Break due to Excessive Shock Loading.

The marine manufacturing industry is always looking for ways to increase productivity, reduce downtime and minimize product damage. One of the significant challenges boat mold manufacturers face is the transportation of molds from one location to another, which can cause excessive shock loading, leading to damage and a loss of production output.

The Situation

A manufacturer of boat molds was having a severe problem with their molds breaking due to excessive shock loading when these 80,000 lb. molds were being loaded and moved on carts.

They tried different types of casters but could not find one that could handle the loads and protect the molds. The strain on productivity was drastic, with excessive downtime and missed deliveries.

The Solution

That’s when they turned to Caster Concepts’ specially engineered Extra Heavy Duty 104 Series Casters.

The 104 Series Casters are designed to handle heavy loads and absorb shock loads. They feature a unique spring-loaded design that allows them to deflect and absorb shock, reducing the impact on carts and payloads. These casters are built to handle weights of up to 80,000 pounds, making them ideal for the boat mold manufacturer’s needs. These heavy duty industrial casters are spring-loaded with the proper deflection to absorb shocks and minimize the impact on carts while protecting the load.

The Result

The shock-absorbing casters effectively handled both the total load and the shock loads, reducing the risk of breakage and downtime. This enabled the manufacturer to increase productivity and ship an extra $5M in products every month, for an average savings of 70 Million Dollars annually!

The benefits of using shock-absorbing casters are clear. Not only do they protect products from damage during transportation, but they also help reduce downtime and improve productivity. This is especially important in industries where time is of the essence, and missed deadlines can significantly impact the bottom line, such as Marine, Automotive, and Fabrication.