New Spring Loaded Caster Saves Millions By Keeping Boat Molds from Breaking - Caster Concepts

80,000 lb. Boat Molds Breaking due to Excessive Shock Loading.

The Situation

A manufacturer of boat molds was having a serious problem with their molds breaking due to excessive shock loading when these 80,000 lb. molds were being loaded and moved on carts.

The strain on productivity was drastic, with excessive downtime and missed deliveries.

The Solution

Caster Concept’s Extra Heavy Duty 104 Series Casters. These casters are spring-loaded with the proper deflection, absorbing shocks and minimizing the impact to carts while protecting the load.

The Result

The shock-absorbing 104 series effectively handled both the total load and the shock loads.  With less breakage, boat mold downtime decreased by 50%. This enabled an extra $5M in shipments every month.