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Swivel on Swivel Casters reduce force load on the current drive system, saving $175K to buy a new one.

The Situation

When confronted with a pivotal challenge, a prominent exploration company found their rocket positioning compromised by the limitations of their existing drive system. The culprit? The force required to maneuver swivel casters was triggering system failures. At the heart of a private exploration venture, a large rocket demanded precise positioning for testing. Unfortunately, the conventional swivel casters’ force demand during directional shifts was burdening the entire drive system, undermining the company’s ambitious goals.

The Solution

At the forefront of innovation, Caster Concepts developed the Swivel on Swivel 97HD Caster. This ingenious creation introduces a dual swivel design, seamlessly transferring energy between swivel sections. The outcome? Flawless rotations, eliminated shifts, and effortless precision even in confined spaces. The high-capacity swivel section drastically reduces force load, revolutionizing the handling of heavy loads. With low-maintenance reliability, it sets new standards for enduring performance excellence.

The Result

The introduction of the Swivel on Swivel casters achieved a remarkable reduction in force exertion during directional transitions. This transformative change empowered the powered platform to move forward and backward seamlessly within the current drive system. Beyond addressing the initial hurdle, the company’s decision yielded an unexpected financial triumph — averted expenditure on a larger drive system, translating to a substantial saving of $175K!