Swivel On Swivel Casters Saves $175k by Utilizing Current Drive System - Caster Concepts

Swivel on Swivel Casters reduce force load on the current drive system, saving $175K to buy a new one.

The Situation

A private exploration company was using a large drive system to help position a rocket for testing. They quickly discovered that the force needed to turn the caster in the other direction was faulting out the system.

The Solution

Caster Concepts designed a caster specifically for this operation: the Swivel on Swivel 97HD Caster. With a high-capacity swivel section, the caster reduces force load, making it easier to move and maneuver heavier loads. Its maintenance free design also helps the caster last longer and perform to spec.

The Result

The force required to swivel casters during a directional change was significantly reduced. This reduction in force allowed the powered platform to move forward and reverse with its current drive system. Not only did it solve the customer’s requirements, using the current drive system saved the company from purchasing a larger drive system valued at $175K.