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Finding the proper caster possible with a casting number and a few key facts.

The Situation

Pavement Restoration, Inc (PRI) specializes in low-cost, high-quality solutions for the long-term preservation of asphalt pavements. The company had been using casters from other companies, but none of these casters was performing to specifications and were wearing out quickly. This situation resulted in factory costs becoming out of control.

This led them to Caster Concepts. Mark Wiggins, the Operations Manager for Pavement Restorations, realized that our casters lasted twice as long as the other casters they had tried. He was eager to purchase more of these casters but didn’t have information on the previous purchase.

What he did have, however, was a picture and the casting number RI06200-60-18.

The Solution

At Caster Concepts, we frequently receive wheel orders from customers using the casting number located inside the wheel. While this number doesn’t determine which wheel it is, it’s a start. He also sent a picture of the wheel, which I could identify.

I began asking Mark questions regarding the application of the caster.  This is a process the sales team goes through to identify which specific product our customers need.

These questions are important to point the sales team in the right direction of what the customer needs. The first question usually asked is whether it is a wheel only or a complete caster. Then what are the wheel bearings used, and if the wheel has a urethane coating on the wheel. We also need to identify the wheel’s diameter and width.

Working with him to understand his needs, I was able to identify the wheel as part number RI 06201-60-12. Here’s a blog that breaks down this process further.

The Result

Mark was very pleased with the quality and service life of the wheels Caster Concepts had previously supplied, and he was very responsive to our questions. “We’ve had great success spec’ing the right wheel for the product,” Mark adds. These wheels are on all of his street sweepers, and he did not want to look to source other wheels when this wheel works so well.

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