While boxing has its Heavyweight Champion of the World, so, too, does the industrial caster wheel industry – Caster Concepts’ 99 Series Super Heavy Duty Caster.

Able to manage up to 50,000 pounds of payload, the 99 Series is designed for those extreme situations when the heaviest loads are just too much for a traditional industrial caster to handle.

Fully customizable to meet any need, preference or specification, the 99 Series Super Heavy Duty Caster was engineered for the giants of the manufacturing process – applications such as die handling, marine and automotive, as well as aerospace and aircraft ground support equipment.

The 99 Series industrial caster – which can range from 10 to 22 inches in diameter and  in single- or dual-wheel configurations —  features a dual load race design, which assures smooth rotation of the caster and superior load capacity on any type surface and under the most extreme weight conditions.

Key attributes of The 99 Series include:

  • Single or dual wheel configurations, with single wheel diameters ranging from 10 to 22 inches.
  • A swivel section that is precision-machined from C-1045 hot forged steel that is ideal for bearings.
  • Dual 9-inch and 12-inch diameters through-hardened load races, using 7/8-inch diameter steel balls.
  • A 1-1/4 inch kingpin which is integrally forged into the caster’s top plate, featuring a slotted adjusting nut and heavy-duty 1-1/2 inch sealed tapered thrust bearing.
  • Legs that are 3/4 inch and continuously welded both inside and outside for greater strength.
  • A 2 inch alloy steel axle that is pre-lubricated before shipping.
  • Finished with a water-based acrylic black paint.

Braking options on the Series 99 include:

  • Poly cam brake: This features a lever that can be mounted toe in or reversed to toe in. A polyurethane cam roller engages the steel brake shoe against the tread of the wheel, providing positive engagement of the tread.
  • Swivel locks: The vertical mounted swivel lock is mounted out of the way, under the yoke base of the caster. This configuration is recommended for heavy duty applications where a more secure lock is warranted.
  • Toe guards: Mounted approximately one half of an inch off the floor, the toe guards help protect workers’ feet. It can be used in both manual and power applications.
  • Face-contact brake: This type of brake is activated by tightening the brake shoe against the wheel.

Caster Concepts prides itself on working with its customers to develop caster solutions specific to the customers’ needs.  The 99 Series Super Heavy Duty Caster can be configured with many factors in mind, including load capacity, materials, diameter, width and bearing type.

Visit the Caster Concepts website at https://www.casterconcepts.com/ for more information on these and other industry-leading casters, or for a live chat session with our advanced customer service representatives about your specific caster needs.