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When moving heavy loads from one location to another – whether by hand or with a motor – it is vital to choose a caster setup that can support the weight of those loads. Different industries, including aeronautic, aerospace, and even automobile manufacturing facilities, each have their own unique challenges. Fortunately, there are dozens of different styles, sizes, and types of high-capacity casters available. Here are some of the most common.

Dual-Wheel Casters

Of all the different types of high capacity casters available today, dual-wheel casters are by far some of the most common and most popular. When you can safely and accurately distribute the weight of a load across several dual-wheel casters, it is possible to increase the overall capacity of your carts and racks without raising their height or center of gravity, which can have a tremendous impact on safety and ergonomics in the workplace. Dual-wheel high capacity casters come in various sizes, styles, and materials, as well, which makes it easy to select the perfect model for your needs.

Maintenance-Free Casters

Maintenance-free high capacity casters are also incredibly beneficial. Maintenance is an important part of keeping any facility running at its peak, but it takes time – and time is money. The precision-sealed bearings in maintenance-free casters never need lubrication. This allows production to continue uninterrupted, saves you time, and boosts your overall profitability. Though maintenance-free high capacity casters should be inspected and cleaned as necessary, lengthy maintenance is not required.

Shock Absorbing Casters

In some applications, your heavy loads may be relatively fragile, or they may be difficult to properly balance on a cart or rack. This can be especially troublesome in situations that may require moving the load across an uneven surface inside or out. Shock-absorbing high-capacity casters can help minimize jarring and load movement, thereby protecting not only the load inside the cart or on the rack but also the operators tasked with moving the load. Reducing unexpected load shifts can even save lives in some cases. There are numerous shock-absorbing high-capacity casters from which to choose, as well.

Ergonomic Casters

Finally, reducing employee injuries should be at the top of every company’s priority list. Despite this, overexertion injuries remain the most common injuries of all across most industries. By replacing your existing casters with high-capacity ergonomic models, you can provide a safer, more efficient workplace. They reduce the force required to start and turn heavy loads by anywhere from 25% to 40%, making them easier to move and maneuver. Ergonomic casters can even boost your productivity by reducing the number of operators required to safely move a load.

High capacity casters are designed to support loads weighing up to several tons safely and efficiently in virtually any industry imaginable, including foundries, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and more. Whether you need to keep a low profile, reduce the time spent maintaining your casters, improve workplace safety, or even prevent shifting loads, you can find casters that do all these things at Caster Concepts.