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Dual Wheel Casters

Dual wheel casters have a higher weight capacity per caster, allowing for increased productivity, while enhancing stability. They also spread the load across the two wheels, reducing the load-per-square-inch and reducing pressure on the flooring or ground surface.

Dual wheel casters are also beneficial for applications where height is an issue, they offer the highest possible capacity at the lowest overall height. Dual smaller diameter wheels can be used to achieve the capacity reached with a larger diameter single wheel. The differential action inherent in all swivel dual wheel caster designs minimizes the effort required to change directions, providing ergonomic relief as well.

We also offer dual wheel casters with an oscillating axle for applications where the surface may not be level, common in aerospace applications and other applications that may use a ramp or inclined surface.

Kingpinless SeriesKingpin Series
2-51 – 4″x5″ Top Plate – 1,500 Lb. Max Capacity52 – 4″x5″ Top Plate – 1,500 Lb. Max Capacity
2-61 – 4.5″x6.25″ Top Plate – 3,100 Lb. Max Capacity62 – 4.5″x6.25″ Top Plate – 1,400 Lb. Max Capacity
2-71 – 5″x7.25″ Top Plate – 4,500 Lb. Max Capacity66 – 4.5″x6.25″ Top Plate – 2,000 Lb. Max Capacity
2-81 – 6.25″x7.5″ Top Plate – 10,000 Lb. Max Capacity72 – 5″x7.25″ Top Plate – 3,500 Lb. Max Capacity
2-91 – 8.5″x8.5″ Top Plate – 15,000 Lb. Max Capacity82 – 6.0″x7.5″ Top Plate – 5,000 Lb. Max Capacity
2-93 – 8.5″x8.5″ Top Plate – 4,000 Lb. Max Capacity86 – 6″x7.5″ Top Plate – 10,000 Lb. Max Capacity
 2-99 – 14″x14″ Top Plate – 35,000 Lb. Max Capacity96 – 8.5″x8.5″ Top Plate – 17,000 Lb. Max Capacity

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    Dual Wheel Casters
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