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The definition of ergonomics is “the science that seeks to adapt work or working conditions to suit the abilities of the worker.” One of the best and most overlooked ways to improve workplace economics is using the correct caster. Because when that doesn’t happen, pain points develop.

Let’s look at some of the most common challenges workers face regarding ergonomics and the effect of overexertion on the bottom line.

Operator Fatigue.

Operator fatigue is the physical and mental exhaustion experienced by equipment workers, often resulting from repetitive or strenuous tasks. Continuous manual effort, improper ergonomics, or inefficient equipment can cause this fatigue

Undesirable Effects:

Reduced productivity, increased likelihood of errors or accidents, higher risk of workplace injuries, and decreased overall well-being and job satisfaction for operators.

Ergonomic Solution: Ergonomic wheels like ERGOXCEL™ feature a round tread to minimize the push force required to move a cart, even if the wheels are not properly aligned. The tread also helps to push debris out of its path. These features are designed to reduce friction between the wheel and the floor, which puts less strain on the cart operator when pulling or pushing.

Persistent Pain.

Persistent pain refers to ongoing discomfort or physical strain experienced by workers, impacting their ability to perform tasks comfortably. This is caused by prolonged exposure to poor ergonomics, inadequate equipment, or repetitive motions that strain the body.

Undesirable Effects:  Decreased work efficiency, increased likelihood of chronic health issues, reduced quality of life for employees, and potential long-term impact on organizational performance.

Ergonomic Solution:
Ergonomic casters like TWERGO® provide less rolling resistance due to their tapered tread design and independently spinning wheels, enabling more people to push a cart safely or allowing cart operators to increase the cart’s weight without increasing push force. 

Ongoing physical pain can lead to chronic health issues and employee absenteeism. Ergonomic casters ease the strain put on cart operators for better health and productivity by making carts easier to push and enabling more of the population to move them.

Trading Efficiency for Safety.

TWERGO® XTREME with Swivel on Swivel, toe guards, and brake.

Trading efficiency for safety involves compromising speed or productivity to ensure a safer working environment. It usually results from the need to prioritize safety measures, often at the expense of traditional, more efficient methods.

Undesirable Effects: Potential decrease in production speed, use of additional resources, and a trade-off between efficiency and safety measures. This pain point highlights the challenge of balancing productivity and employee well-being.

TWERGO Xtreme Casters with a Swivel-on-Swivel design enable cart operators to move heavier loads with less effort. The dual swivels allow for increased freedom of movement, allowing a cart operator to get momentum going before the wheel has to move. This lowers the push force to get the cart moving, adding even more ergonomic benefits combined with the TWERGO wheel.

The barbell configuration allows more weight to be carried without increasing push force, increasing productivity and decreasing the chance of injury without compromise.

High Worker Insurance Compensation.

High worker insurance compensation refers to the increased costs incurred by a company due to elevated expenses associated with worker injuries and compensation claims.

 Inadequate workplace safety measures, the prevalence of workplace injuries, and a higher frequency of workers’ compensation claims all contribute to increased insurance costs.

Undesirable Effects: Elevated operational costs, financial strain on the company, potential increase in insurance premiums, negative impact on profitability, and challenges in maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

This pain point underscores the importance of addressing safety concerns to reduce the financial burden associated with worker injuries. Caster technology has evolved to enable operators to move heavier loads without increasing push force. This helps reduce injuries and insurance costs. RELATED: Why Are Casters Considered A Safety Item?

Talk to the Ergonomic Experts.

Is your company facing ergonomic issues that are costing you time and resources? Do you struggle with reducing stress injuries at your facility?

Choosing the right caster solution can significantly improve safety in material handling facilities by reducing overexertion injuries and improving productivity. For more information, contact the material handling experts at Caster Concepts.