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Close collaboration promotes conversation and discussion. We catch problems early, during, or just after fabrication. That might be the dominant reason behind our quality boost and, for that matter, our overall success with QRM. Throughout the process, it never becomes somebody else’s problem.”–Andrew Dobbins, Vice President Manufacturing

Streamlining Processes with QRM

Good quality control practices are crucial for a fabricator’s success, as they prevent costly rework and ensure customer satisfaction. The Fabricator talks with Caster Concepts about how using Quick Response Manufacturing principles transformed their manufacturing process to improve lead times and on-time delivery  — giving customers precisely what they need for their application when they need it.

Quick Response Manufacturing, tailored for high-product-mix operations, reduces manufacturing critical path time. Caster Concepts utilized Quick Response Manufacturing by streamlining processes and reducing machine capacity utilization to enhance flow and minimize inventory.

Caster Concepts also moved its QC from a central location to three mobile stations, which helps promote the early detection of quality issues. Overall, adopting Quick Response Manufacturing principles has led to improved quality, increased efficiency, and better utilization of capacity. Read more about how incorporating strategic manufacturing processes has proven highly successful at Caster Concepts and is a great opportunity to enhance manufacturing processes at many other companies.

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