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We make ordering a custom caster standard.

Caster Concepts prides itself on being a make-to-order company with short lead times on our standard casters and custom casters built to your specifications. Generally, when people hear custom or special caster, they think high price and long lead time.

Caster Concepts offers exceptional lead times on our standard and custom products:

We build custom casters along with our standard line of casters. If we have made the particular caster in the past, it will be processed the same as a standard caster and will go right to the production floor after entering the order. We can work on these casters immediately.

Same production line means saved time.

Custom casters are engineered with our standard product line in mind. This means Caster Concepts can make minor changes to the standard product line so that a custom caster or wheel follows the same timeline as a standard caster.

Since we are a make-to-order company, minor changes are easy to make, and we make them quickly.

When placing an order for a new special caster, there is a 24-hour delay before the order goes to production. During this timeframe, our engineering design team completes prints and bills of material for the shop to make the caster. We take pride not only in our quick turnaround in production but also in our engineering department.

Around-the-clock competency.

We have a design team in India that works during our night to turn things around quickly. The designs are reviewed and then released after engineering approval. Once released to production, our manufacturing and purchasing team are off and running to produce the caster to your specifications. Our speed-to-lead times are also augmented by Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) methods designed to eliminate waste in the manufacturing process to increase productivity.

The one thing that could cause a caster to have a longer lead time is a purchased part that is not available in a quick timeframe. We have inventory for our raw materials, but if we need something that isn’t readily available, many of our suppliers work to provide the parts in the timeline we need them. This lead time figures in at the time of quoting, so our customers know what to expect. Even though the caster is custom, we are still looking at the purchased part’s lead time to accurately give the customer the best lead time available in the market.