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In this AtomicErgo podcast, Earl-Ray Neil of Atomic Ergo talks to Bill Dobbins, the owner of Caster Concepts, about his career path and his motivations, covering everything from conscious capitalism to casters and injury prevention.

As an active community member, Bill is passionate about giving back. He started a donor-advised fund at the Albion Community Foundation in his father’s name to support STEM education. Bill believes that if we focus on leaving things better than we found them, our legacy will take care of itself.

Conscious Capitalism, How Casters Prevent Injuries, and Other Topics.

AtomicErgo: Welcome to the next edition of Atomic Ergo! I’m your host, Earl-Ray Neil, and today, we have the privilege of having Bill Dobbins with us. Bill, thank you for taking the time to join us today. Can you share a bit about your background and your role at Caster Concepts?

Bill Dobbins: Certainly, Earl. I’m Bill Dobbins, and I run Caster Concepts, a company deeply rooted in our local community. We focus on conscious capitalism to contribute positively to our employees and the broader community.

AtomicErgo: Great to have you, Bill. Let’s dive into your story and the topics you’re passionate about.

You currently own multiple businesses, including Caster Concepts. Can you share what motivated you to transition from being a family physician to entering the manufacturing and engineering space?

Bill Dobbins: My parents played a significant role in guiding my career path. My mom’s passion for medicine and my dad’s background as a mechanical engineer in manufacturing influenced my decision. Eventually, the opportunity to join my father in business presented itself, leading to the founding of Caster Concepts.

AtomicErgo: That’s a fascinating journey. You’re also actively involved in STEM initiatives like the Innovate Albion program. Why do you consider STEM education crucial, and how does it contribute to your community? Innovation Albion Classes

Bill Dobbins: In Albion, Michigan, where we’re based, attracting talent is challenging. STEM initiatives help us engage with the community, providing opportunities and creating a talent pool for our businesses. Additionally, it aligns with our commitment to conscious capitalism and fostering a vibrant community.

AtomicErgo: Conscious capitalism is an intriguing concept. Could you explain what it means to you and how it influences your business practices?

Bill Dobbins: Conscious capitalism goes beyond mere profit-making; it’s about responsible leadership and considering the impact on stakeholders. We focus on creating a positive environment for our employees, suppliers, and the community. It’s about being socially impactful and having a higher purpose beyond profits.

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AtomicErgo: That’s a commendable approach, Bill. Shifting gears a bit, you’ve chosen to keep your manufacturing businesses in the United States, even when outsourcing might offer cost advantages. What factors influenced this decision, and how has it impacted your business?

In-house manufacturing, Casteer Concepts.Bill Dobbins: Our commitment to the local community and a vertically integrated business model played a crucial role. By keeping our operations close, we maintain control over core competencies, ensuring quality and timely delivery. It aligns with our values and conscious capitalism principles, contributing to our success.

AtomicErgo: Safety is a significant concern in the material handling industry. In your opinion, what upcoming trends or innovations could substantially impact reducing injuries related to overexertion?

Bill Dobbins: Factors like rollability, swivel sections, wheel bearings, and load considerations play a role. Addressing these aspects, along with comprehensive training programs, contributes to creating a safer work environment.

Leaving a Legacy.

AtomicErgo: Looking ahead, have you ever considered what legacy you’d like to leave? What impact do you hope to have on your community and the industry?

Bill Dobbins: I hope to impact the community, education, and the lives of those around me. That, to me, would be a meaningful legacy.

AtomicErgo: Lastly, do you have a favorite charity or cause you’d like to highlight or share with our audience?

Bill Dobbins: Certainly. My favorite charity is the Richard H. Dobbins Manufacturing Education Fund, supporting STEM education. It’s a cause close to my heart, fostering innovation and growth in our community.

AtomicErgo: Bill, I appreciate your time and insights today. Learning about your journey and the values that drive your business has been a pleasure. Thank you for joining us on Atomic Ergo.

Bill Dobbins: Thank you, Earl. I appreciate the opportunity and am grateful for the chance to share our story and values. Thank you to our sponsor, Ergonauts Performance Technologies, for promoting workplace health and safety. Feel free to reach out if anyone has questions or wants to learn more about our charity.

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