High Heat Casters

High Heat Casters: Special considerations

High heat casters are ideal for moving casters into an oven or other high-temperature environment. Taking the necessary precautions to ensure your equipment can handle the heat is crucial. Elevated temperatures can significantly impact the performance and longevity of your casters, and failing to address this issue could result in costly equipment failure or downtime.

Caster Concepts offers a range of High Heat Casters for operating environments above 150°F and up to 450°F. These casters can be ordered by adding HT to the end of part numbers that support the following features:

  • High-temperature grease
  • Kingpinless swivel section
  • Zinc or powder coat finish
  • Wheel bearings such as roller, bronze, or high temp ball bearings

For applications above 450°F, contact us to discuss the application, as we have done casters up to 1500°F.

High-temperature casters require the following:

· High-temperature grease that maintains its viscosity and lubrication properties

· Proper clearances on bearings for expansion

The hotter the application, the harder the wheel needs to be.  Using plastics for applications above 300°F is not the best choice; typically, steel or another metal wheel are the better options.




Forged Steel -40°  to 800° F*
Cast Iron -40° to 800° F*
High Temp Phenolic -30° up to 475° and intermittently up to 500° F
Polyurethane  -40° to 130° F
Mold on Rubber 180° F
Nytech-MD -30° to 200° F
High Temp Nylon -30° to 450° F
High-Temperature Rubber -30° to 450° F

*For load ratings over 800 degrees Fahrenheit, please talk to a Caster Concepts representative.


high heat casters - forged steel wheel

Forged Steel Wheels, as the name implies, are manufactured in a forging operation. They are excellent for applications that have a significant risk of shock loading. They can be heat treated to increase hardness and are easy to weld.



high heat casters

Cast Iron Wheels are manufactured by melting pig iron while adding substantial quantities of scrap iron and steel scrap.  They can support a significant amount of weight and are good for demanding and high temp applications.




High Temp Phenolic Wheels feature a continuous wrap process making it a longer-wearing product and great for high-temp applications such as baking and curing.