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The manufacturing industry is quite broad and all-encompassing, so it’s impossible to design just one caster wheel that suits everyone’s individual needs. As a result, those responsible for keeping the manufacturing industry up and running have a few different choices for their favorite casters. Here, you’ll learn about five different types of casters and the reasons why manufacturing facilities love them.


Manufacturing facilities typically employ dozens of people, and each one assumes a certain amount of risk each time he or she attempts to move or maneuver a load. One of the most popular casters in the manufacturing industry is the ERGOXCEL line, which offers up several vitally important ergonomic features designed to reduce the risk of injury. These features include things like maintenance-free rigs that require no greasing or lubrication, wheels that were created to reduce friction and scrubbing and prevent overexertion, and enhanced durability that companies can depend on day in and day out.

Drive and Conversion Drive Casters

Whether a manufacturer is interested in moving extremely heavy loads with as few operators as possible or potentially even automating part of the load movement process, drive and conversion drive casters are the perfect choice. In recent years, these casters have become favorites among manufacturers for a few very simple reasons. First, they allow a single operator to move and maneuver heavy loads with ease thanks to their motorized functionality. What’s more, thanks to these features, employees no longer face the same risk of overexertion. Finally, because fewer operators will be required to move heavy loads, workplace productivity soars.

TWERGO Casters

TWERGO and TWERGO Lite casters are some of the most popular in the manufacturing industry today. They come in a number of capacities and sizes, which makes it easy to choose just the right product for your needs. TWERGO casters are also ergonomic, which means they do their part to reduce overexertion and noise, and because they can reduce friction by about 25% and sometimes even more, they make employees’ jobs easier, boost morale, and ultimately add to a company’s productivity as a whole.

CasterShoX Casters

In a perfect world, manufacturing facility floors would be incredibly smooth and there would never be any need to roll a load across an imperfection. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and there are times when it’s impossible to avoid such imperfections. To keep both employees and the loads within carts and racks safe, it’s important to think about the potential shock that results from these bumps and to ensure that you’ve accounted for them. CasterShoX casters make this easy by offering industry-leading shock absorption through carefully-chosen materials and suspension.

Custom-Designed Casters

Finally, of all the manufacturing industries’ favorite casters, custom casters are by far the most popular. Rather than relying on prefabricated styles, sizes, capacities, and features, manufacturers can instead submit their unique needs to groups of engineers and receive one-of-a-kind casters designed to solve problems while improving safety and productivity. Caster Concepts is the industry’s leading provider of custom casters. No job is too big and no problem too complex for their innovative engineering team.

As you can see, the manufacturing industry’s needs are incredibly varied. Sometimes a light-duty caster with shock-absorbing properties is all that is required, but in other cases, facilities may need extra-heavy-duty casters with motorized drives. If you are in the market for new casters, be sure to consider these unique needs, and remember that you can even order custom casters when others just won’t do.