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CasterShoX® Casters and wheels reduce noise and are a simple solution to a problem that plagues most every manufacturing operation, noise. CasterShoX® wheels are available in standard sizes and fit in the same available space as the previous caster. Retrofitting carts with a CasterShoX® caster is as easy as changing out the previous caster and bolting on the new version. CasterShoX® come in two standard sizes, 6×2 and 8×2, and in a standard configuration would be fit into a 51 Series caster rig. CasterShoX® utilize patented technology that combines the very best attributes of spring technology and polymer dampening technology to provide a product that is unsurpassed in dampening noise of a manufacturing environment. All components are built directly into the hub of the wheel. Fully compatible with standard 6 and 8 inch casters, implementation of this new technology is seamless. CasterShoX® offer cost effective noise reduction, shock absorption and vibration control.


In-Wheel Suspension
Noise Reduction
1,000 lbs Max Capacity
Shock Reducing


CasterShoX® casters have the ability to reduce workplace noise to levels that are safer for all employees. In addition, CasterShoX® work great for transporting fragile components or products where repeated shocks may damage the components. CasterShoX® also provides an added value for ergonomic situations.


Swivel Locks
Sealed Swivel
Toe Guard

Hearing Loss is the 2nd most common illness suffered in the workplace, the US Department of Labor has regulations about noise exposure through OSHA. OSHA’s regulations state that 90 decibels dBa is the highest noise level an employee can be exposed to for 8 hours (a standard work day).  Every increase of 5 dBa, reduces allowable exposure time in half. CasterShoX® were designed especially to reduce noise and vibration on carts. The patented CasterShoX® absorption system located in the center of a CasterShoX® wheel, absorbs shock minimizing and even eliminating vibration that causes noise on carts. CasterShoX® functions like shock absorbers on a vehicle, minimizing impact on the cart and its contents.

Caster ShoX


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