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Drive Caster™ – Motor Powered Caster

The Drive Caster ™, another leading-edge innovation from Caster Concepts, is a first-of-its-kind,  Motor Powered Industrial Caster. The Drive Caster™ is designed to move tons easily and efficiently. Offering the flexibility to integrate into a variety of applications, above and beyond industrial carts and racks.  The integrated caster and motor make it easy to add the Drive Caster™ to your equipment, including dollies, moving walls, turntables, platforms, machinery and more.

Drive Caster Installation

Just add a control module and a battery and you have a complete powered solution that moves tons effortlessly.

What’s Included?

Complete Drive Caster™ kits are available, and include controls, power source and wiring. Simply connect to your device, and start moving tons at the push of a button with our revolutionary motorized drive casters.

Powered Caster Wheels

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Drive Caster™ is another innovation from Caster Concepts designed to make moving materials easier. This motor driven caster, is powered by a 1/2hp electric motor, that can move up to 5,000lbs total weight per caster. Add another drive caster and double the weight your moving.

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