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Ground support equipment comes in various types and styles, whether it is used to prop commuter jets during servicing or to simply move luggage from one location to the next. Regardless of the type of equipment in use, there are several ways in which shock absorbing casters can be incredibly beneficial.

The Unique Challenges for Ground Support

Unlike traditional manufacturing and warehousing settings in which loads move mainly indoors over level surfaces, the ground support industry is quite different. Equipment in these settings is almost constantly exposed to the elements, ranging from rain, snow, and even ice to blistering heat. Equipment used to move loads from inside airports to the aircraft on the runway faces a separate challenge – maneuvering sometimes fragile items without transferring the shock of uneven surfaces directly to those items.

What Shock-Absorbing Casters Do

There are a few different types of shock-absorbing casters, and each offers up its own unique set of benefits. Many companies in the ground support industry are still reliant upon traditional spring-loaded casters, and while these are better at reducing shock than casters without any sort of mitigation at all, they cannot provide the same sort of absorption as many of today’s newer options.

As an example, whereas many traditional spring-loaded casters have springs built separately from the wheel itself, thus leading to some transfer of shock, our CasterShoX line is different. These casters have elastomer springs that are built directly into the wheel’s very core, thus further mitigating vibration and shock and ensuring a much smoother ride for the load as a whole. For even heavier loads, the 93 Series Extra Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbing Caster is also a great choice. It can handle up to 25,000 pounds per caster, making it perfect for use on aircraft jacks and engine dollies.

The Benefits of Switching to Better Casters

Believe it or not, by transitioning from traditional spring-loaded casters to a more modern design, ground support companies and their employees will benefit in several ways.

Shock absorbing casters are perfect for the ground support industry in various ways. Not only do they help companies and their employees overcome a variety of challenges, but they also save money over time, make the workplace more productive, and reduce the risk of some preventable but often serious injuries. Making the switch to modern shock-absorbing casters today will serve your airport or airline well both now and in the future.