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When it comes to finding just the right caster that combines ergonomic design with the ability to withstand hefty loads, the 57 Series casters offers that perfect balance. It offers up a simple, yet effective design along with heavy-duty capacity and all the features you’ve come to expect from our high-quality products.

What is the 57 Series Caster?

The 57 Series caster is by far one of our best and most popular maintenance-free heavy-duty offerings. The swivel contains precision ball bearings with hardened and sealed raceways, meaning they will never need to be greased or lubricated, but they will still provide many years of high-functioning use. Thanks to the extended lead and the smooth swivel, operators find that our 57 Series casters are among the easiest to use, and this ergonomic design can go a long way toward reducing injury.

By switching to our 57 Series heavy-duty caster, you can prevent employee injury, improve overall productivity, and reduce annoying maintenance, thus saving yourself time and money throughout the lifetime of the caster.

57 Series Specifications

The 57 Series caster offers various specs that work in harmony with one another.

Who Can Benefit?

The 57 Series ergonomic caster is beneficial for numerous applications and in many different industries. It is most popular in production facilities and can be found on both manually handled and power transported racks. They also work quite well for mobile fixtures, parts bins, conveyors, and many others. In fact, the 57 Series are among the best casters in the industry for almost any application that suits its maximum weight and can benefit from its maintenance-free design.

Customizing Your Casters

We understand that casters are not a one-size-fits-all industry, and that’s exactly why we work directly with engineers in numerous industries to create casters that solve everyday challenges. The 57 Series caster is certainly no different; there are several options from which you can choose to ensure it suits your needs. You can change the lead to optimize ergonomics in exchange for weight capacity, and you can even choose wheels that minimize resistance if you prefer a caster that will make manual movement as simple and safe as possible. Choose from poly lock-cam or single side brakes, swivel locks, toe guards, and various top plate sizes, as well.

Our 57 Series casters and their numerous customizations are a testament to our dedication to workplace safety and productivity. At Caster Concepts, we understand that your time is money and keeping your employees safe is a top priority. Each of our casters is designed and tested in numerous conditions and applications, and this means that our recommendations to you are backed by real data.