We have been a go-to source for custom casters in the aviation and aerospace industry for quite some time. In fact, numerous case studies on how our products have benefited the aerospace industry prove that our experts have what it takes to resolve any issue, no matter how problematic it may seem. Below, learn more about three such cases and their outcomes.

Massive Fuselage Assembly Overhaul

The United States’ largest airplane manufacturer overhauled and automated its fuselage assembly process, and as such, needed to move platforms weighing some 48,000 pounds safely and effectively. Company officials began searching online to discover ways to improve the movement of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and found us. After a consultation, our team developed a set of custom dual-wheel shock-absorbing casters that reduced push force significantly and allowed perfect platform movement.

Specific Casters for a Tooling Fabricator

A tooling fabricator hired to perform a task for a major aerospace manufacturer contacted us in hopes of finding a caster that would meet some very specific ergonomic, safety, and load capacity standards unlike anything currently on offer. The result was the largest TWERGO wheels ever designed to date with a capacity of 14,000 pounds and a very specific PSI. By adding locks, brakes, and guards, we were able to meet the tooling fabricator’s safety needs and allow him to complete the project.

Custom Solutions for Boeing 787 Dreamliner

While creating the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, an aerospace manufacturer struggled with a very specific caster on a finishing mandrel while sanding the cockpit, crew quarters, and galley associated with the aircraft. The manufacturer needed a caster that could support 35,000 pounds per caster and safely handle an extremely fragile load, even with variations in the floor’s surface height, all while allowing for swivel in quarters too tight for a standard swivel. As a result, we at Caster Concepts were able to create a swivel caster for the finishing mandrel that utilized super high capacity slew bearings and an oscillating axle to allow operation on uneven surfaces, load protection, and the ability to swivel in very limited space.

Overcoming Challenges is Our Mission

We work hard to create solutions for every single client, whether that client needs to move 4800 pounds or 48,000. No load is too heavy, no space is too tight, and no specification is too much for our team of engineers. If you have an issue of any kind, whether you need to move a heavy, fragile load over an uneven surface or you need to automate part of your manufacturing process, don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about what we have to offer.

Here at Caster Concepts, we have developed quite the name for ourselves over the years. The biggest aerospace companies and manufacturers in the world contact us when they need to complete a seemingly impossible project and aren’t sure where to turn. We’ve helped in numerous situations, and we are excited to come up with solutions for many more in the aerospace industry and beyond.