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In the manufacturing industry, everything needs to be maintained. Equipment, carts, racks, warehouses, and even casters used to transport items from one area to another require regular care and updating to ensure their proper operation. Fortunately, there are different types of maintenance-free heavy-duty casters from which you can choose, and they can all offer the following benefits in the manufacturing industry.

Consistent Performance

When casters are designed to be maintenance-free, they are also designed to last for many years without any changes in their ability to perform. This means that your casters should continue to operate like brand new for years to come, whether they are used every single day or only on occasion. Whether you are moving a very light or a very heavy load, you can feel confident in the casters’ ability to move it safely and quickly.


Maintenance-free casters are often designed to be incredibly ergonomic, as well. They minimize push force a great deal, which helps to reduce the risk of overexertion injuries. When fewer employees are injured, manufacturing companies save money on worker’s compensation claims, and the morale of the other employees in the building climbs as they continue to feel safe and appreciated in the workplace.

Outstanding Swivel Capabilities

Heavy-duty maintenance-free casters also come with swivel capabilities. The hardened raceways add to their years of performance, and the precision-sealed neoprene ball bearings offer smooth rotation without hangs or issues. The inner and outer raceways have very tight tolerance as they fit together, which reduces play in the swivel and helps to ensure that the cart or rack moves exactly as the operator intends. You can even customize the length of the swivel lead for the best performance in your unique situation.

Fewer Maintenance Costs

Regular maintenance doesn’t come without costs, and that’s true of casters, as well. You must pay someone to inspect and lubricate your casters, after all, and this can be a time-consuming task. What’s more, maintenance requires you to purchase tools, lubricant, and even replacement parts to ensure the casters’ proper operation. When you choose a maintenance-free design, this is no longer the case. Maintenance costs and frustrations go down, but productivity improves.

Less Downtime

Finally, it can take a great deal of time to finish caster maintenance, and the more carts and racks you have, the longer the process takes. Each one must be carefully inspected and lubricated, and parts like gaskets, grommets, and even bearings must be replaced. By switching these casters out for their maintenance-free counterparts, it’s possible to save a great deal of time by keeping your carts and racks in operation around the clock. When your employees don’t have to spend time maintaining the casters, they can spend more time doing what matters.

Maintenance-free heavy-duty casters can make a huge difference in the manufacturing industry. Not only do they provide consistent performance with less wear and tear, but they also have the potential to reduce injury and costs, all while increasing your uptime and your bottom line.