Advantages of domestic casters vs. overseas casters

When comparing American-made casters with imported casters, several factors contribute to the perception that they are superior. While it’s important to note that not all American-made casters are guaranteed to be better than imported ones (however, Caster Concepts’ ergonomic casters can reduce push force by up to 50% compared to most import casters), there are distinct advantages commonly associated with American manufacturing.

Quality control and material selection

One of the key advantages of American-made caster manufacturers is the emphasis on stringent quality control. American manufacturers adhere to rigorous quality control standards, ensuring their casters meet or exceed industry standards. For example, OSHA, AS9100 quality audits, and many others. This commitment to quality results in reliable, durable casters that are less prone to defects and offer consistent performance.

Another advantage lies in the material selection process. American manufacturers can access various high-quality materials, including metals, polymers, and specialized compounds. At Caster Concepts, 97% of our products’ components are made in the US. All our manufacturing occurs here. We use local suppliers, with 80% of our key vendors sitting within a 30-mile radius of our Albion-based headquarters. This goes hand in hand with quality standards, as having access to the material doesn’t do any good if the material isn’t up to par.

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Additionally, American manufacturers often provide extensive customization options. They understand that different industries and applications have unique caster requirements. With options for selecting other wheel materials (such as rubber, polyurethane, or metal), various wheel sizes, and specialized wheel treads for specific terrains or environments, American-made casters can be tailored to meet particular needs and provide optimal functionality.

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Furthermore, choosing American-made casters offers additional benefits of local support and warranty services. Customers can access local customer support, quick response times, and available spare parts. This ensures a smoother experience in case of any issues or the need for replacements, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Time zones are bad enough here in North America!

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Adhering to industry standards.

Compliance with safety and environmental regulations is another advantage associated with American manufacturing. American manufacturers must meet specific industry regulations and standards, guaranteeing that their casters adhere to recognized safety requirements. Not only do they need to meet standards when selling, but there are also safety standards when manufacturing. This compliance provides customers peace of mind, particularly in industries where safety and compliance are paramount.

However, it’s important to note that these advantages are not exclusive to American-made casters. Reputable overseas manufacturers also produce high-quality casters that meet stringent standards. Therefore, conducting thorough research, reading customer reviews, and evaluating product specifications when deciding is essential. You can never do “too much research!”

Ultimately, the choice between American-made and imported casters should be based on individual needs, preferences, and the manufacturer’s reputation. If you consider these three things when going into specifying your caster, you can’t fail.