Art of Custom Casters and Wheels

Custom casters and wheels are a specialty at Caster Concepts. Whether you need minor modifications like a new top plate or longer legs — or if you require a highly customized caster for a specific application — Caster Concepts can help. Our ability to customize products allows us to meet unique requirements effectively.

There are many benefits to customizing a caster and caster wheel to your requirements:

  1. Performance: A custom caster is designed for your application so it will perform the way it needs to.
  2. Safety and Ergonomics. A custom caster can be ergonomically designed to help you avoid injuries when it comes to material handling strains and sprains. When you look at ergonomics in the workplace, we are seeing more and more pushes to make the workplace safer for all employees
  3. Features and convenience. When you go with a custom caster you can implement what features you need most. And having a heavy duty caster tailored to your application usually means the installation is quick and easy.

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