Indoor operations are traditionally the space for casters, yet many industrial casters rise to the challenge of functioning in outdoor environments. That means when venturing outdoors, it’s paramount to factor in conditions like corrosion, material wear, and varying terrains, or else you could be replacing your casters like clockwork! Here are the factors affecting industrial casters when used outdoors:

1. Nature Isn’t On Your Side

MS Aluminum Caster

MS Aluminum Caster

Outdoor use exposes industrial casters to some nasty visitors. From rain showers to snow to high humidity, your choice of caster should stand resolute against corrosion caused by moisture. Modern Suspension’s corrosion-resistant aluminum casters are an excellent outdoor caster choice for such demanding conditions.

However, moisture isn’t the only problem in outdoor environments. The sun’s relentless rays can wreak havoc on certain materials. To minimize this effect, UV inhibitors are added to our plastic compounds during production. This process enables us to shield our outdoor casters from potential sun damage. Equally important for casters used outdoors are the materials that they are made of, making stainless steel and polyurethane are good choices.

2. Outdoor Surfaces Are Unforgiving

Outdoor terrains are rugged and uneven, making them a nightmare for any caster wheel. Rocks and jarring cracks in cement can damage or catch caster wheels, rendering your mobility inert. What you need is an outdoor caster built for agility and sturdiness. Spring-loaded, shock-absorbing casters are your best bet here. Springs absorb shock and allow wheels to gracefully roll over obstacles, cushioning any impact.

If your route involves navigating over pebbles, uneven cement, or even terrains like grass or sand, then Pneumatic Tires are a flexible wheel option that can take on even the toughest terrains. Their rubber wheels allow for some give and also absorb shocks from impact.

3. Speed Matters

Twergo Xtreme Casters with Brake

Twergo Xtreme Casters with Brake

Many outdoor tasks involve moving goods and projects with tuggers, tractors, or powered mechanisms. These pulling devices surpass the average human’s walking speed, and this matters for your caster choice. While this pace might not faze the swivel section, the caster’s wheel design and material are paramount when considering movement speed in industrial applications. Our TWERGO XTREME heavy load wheels are tailored for AGVs and Tuggers, are built for such high-speed tasks, and are available in versatile two and three-wheel designs. Why would you want an extra wheel? More wheel width helps disperse weight and puts more rubber on the road, giving you maximum load capacity and economic benefits!

4. Let’s Find You the Best Casters for Outdoor Use.

Uncertain about which heavy duty caster to choose for your outdoor use? Just ask one of our team members! With the expertise we’ve honed over years of practice, we can craft a tailored caster solution that perfectly aligns with your requirements. You won’t find a quicker delivery time on custom high-temperature casters anywhere else! Always remember: with the right caster, no terrain is insurmountable.