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Proven Leader Driving Customer-Centric Solutions

Shep Whitcomb, a seasoned Product Manager, brings a wealth of valuable expertise to Caster Concepts. His commitment to addressing customer pain points through hands on qualitative research, and data-driven analysis is a testament to his dedication. 

Shep strives to foster seamless collaboration and communication among internal and external stakeholders. His affinity to quickly become a Subject Matter Expert in diverse industries consistently leads to customer-centered solutions that empowers the business to reach new heights in financial performance.

Shep and his family have spent the last three decades in Ann Arbor and have embraced a long-standing tradition of being ardent U of M football enthusiasts. Beyond his professional pursuits, Shep’s passion for his family, the arts, and the outdoors offers a well-rounded counterbalance to his analytical work. He’s a valuable addition to the Caster Concepts team.