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Eliminating maintenance and downtime is something that Caster Concepts takes very seriously.

This is why we are so high on the maintenance-free caster — a perfect solution for people or facilities who don’t have the time or means to maintain their casters. The maintenance-free caster mitigates maintenance and repair time due to its pre-greased and sealed ball bearing. For many facilities, this eliminates the blocks of time required to perform preventative maintenance and repair on carts and dollies.

57 Series Caster

57 Series Maintenance Free Caster

Another situation where a maintenance-free caster excels is keeping out debris such as dirt or metal fragments. Painting and sandblasting facilities, boat manufacturing, metal fabrication, and even outdoor applications use maintenance-free casters due to their ability to repel/prevent foreign substances from entering. In these applications, it is critical that debris doesn’t make it to the bearings, which would result in the wheel or caster losing maneuverability.

Maintenance-free casters also do excellent in what we would describe as continuous use applications when stoppage and downtime are outside the normal function. This typically happens when an application operates all (or most of the) day. Most continuous use applications involve AGVs (Automated Ground Vehicles), and mitigating downtime for these vehicles is a top priority for our customers. The maintenance-free caster allows our customers to delegate their time to other things instead of doing preventative maintenance on casters.

These casters work well due to the precision alignment of the swivel section and ball bearings. Being sealed at both sections, the bearing raceway must be tight to keep the grease in and foreign debris out. Precision ball bearings also make it easier to roll or maneuver, so if your company is dealing with excessive push/pull forces, consider trying a maintenance-free caster.

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Due to their tight bearing tolerances, maintenance-free casters are made out of higher-quality steel. This allows them to provide the same amount of ergonomic benefit on day one as say day 365 or year five. If getting as much of a return on your investment is something that you look for when making a purchase, few casters have better returns than Maintenance Free.

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