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Caster Solutions for Ground Support Equipment

Under extreme loads and in extreme conditions, our casters deliver: That’s how we roll.

Find out how Caster Concepts can help you minimize injuries and maximize productivity. All our casters 
meet the stringent safety standards required in the Ground Support Equipment industry.


Strength, safety and staying power

Ground support equipment requires the “beyond standard” durability that Caster Concepts provides. Changing weather environments or extreme conditions like a blazing sun or freezing rain or snow are all situations that wheeled ground support equipment continually face. Add in the harsh expectations put on casters moving heavy loads on uneven terrain, and you have numerous factors that can add up to costly damage to your wheeled equipment. Due to these challenges, more companies are depending on Caster Concepts to deliver an innovative and industry-leading motion solution.

Overexertion and Ergonomics

This type of injury costs U.S. business billions and can result in longer recovery time compared to other injuries. Caster Concepts TWERGO® wheels can reduce initial and continuous push force by an average of 25%, with some users even reporting as much as a 50% reduction in push force.


Significant reduction in initial and continuous push force make this caster the ultimate ergonomic
caster. TWERGO® unique tread thickness minimizes friction and eliminates scrubbing and sliding 
when turning, while providing the impact resistance of normal wheels. 

  • Reduce initial and continuous push force by 25%
  • Designed to last longer with aluminum cores that won’t rust or corrode
  • Minimizes scrubbing and dispels debris.
  • Max Capacity: 4,200 lbs
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Moving Extremely Heavy Loads

Very heavy loads usually put a strain on workers and their health. The Drive Caster® is the industry’s first motor
powered caster that can move up to 6,000 lbs. effortlessly. The only force exerted is required to push a button.


Drive Caster™

Drive Caster™

The Drive Caster™ is designed to move tons easily and efficiently, while offering the flexibility to
integrate into a variety of applications, above and beyond industrial carts and racks. This motor driven
caster, is powered by a 1/4hp or 1/2hp electric motor, that can move up to 5,000lbs total weight per caster.

  • The industry’s first motor powered industrial caster
  • Can easily be integrated into most carts, racks and carriers
  • Great for heavy load applications
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Shock Absorption and corrosion-resistant

Modern Suspension Systems is a caster line manufactured by Caster Concepts and used by most major airlines and ground support service providers. Benefits of this caster line include heavy-duty shock absorption, four-position swivel lock and a 12,500-pound load capacity.


Modern Suspension

Our subsidiary Modern Suspension offers a completely aluminum line of casters that are ideal
for outdoor applications, aluminum weighs less and is noncorrosive to withstand the elements.
While their extremely rugged and durable steel line offers a greater max capacity per caster.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Stand Casters
  • Aircraft Engine Stand Casters
  • Aircraft Wheel Dolly Casters
  • Aluminum Max Capacity: 6,500 lbs
  • Steel Max Capacity: 25,000 lbs
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Severe side or impact loading 

Hercules Casters feature reinforced legs to protect against severe side impact associated with forklifts and track channels. They also utilize a maintenance-free swivel section with sealed precision bearing in the wheels for prolonged use to minimize the costs of caster replacement.

Hercules Casters

Offering unrivaled durability, Hercules Casters feature reinforced legs to protect against severe side
impact associated with forklifts and track channels. They also utilize a maintenance-free swivel section
with sealed precision bearings in the wheels for prolonged use to minimize the costs of caster replacement.

  • Inconsistent Flooring
  • Towed Dollies
  • Pot Holes
  • Max Capacity: 1,500 lbs
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Extreme Durability and Protection

​Pneumatic and Semi-Pneumatic tires mitigate shock by cushioning the load, and easily roll over obstructions, uneven floor surfaces, and rough indoor/outdoor terrain. No air needed means no flats, and their hard rubber composition makes them nearly puncture proof.


Pneumatic and Semi-Pneumatic Wheels

A great choice for outdoor use, especially on rough uneven surface including gravel, cracked
cement, thresholds, and other surface environments. The pneumatic tires cushion the load
and roll over obstructions with ease

  • Aircraft Ground Maintenance Systems
  • Helicopter Dollies
  • Outdoor Use and Wet Environments
  • Max Capacity: 7,260 lbs
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Visit us at Booth #385 at the 2018 International Ground Support Expo.

This year’s Ground Support Expo is being held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and we’ll be there. As the only show dedicated to ground support equipment, it’s a great opportunity for you to see how our product innovations help create safer and more cost effective work environments in the ground support industry. Look forward to seeing you there. Have a question now? Call us at 888.764.1698 or click here to request a quote.

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