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Efficient and ergonomic product movement saves backs while moving more battery packs.

The Situation

With the large-scale shift from internal combustion engines (ICEs) to electric powertrains, the production of electric vehicles has taken off — along with the need for EV batteries which can weigh up to 350 pounds each.

For a major electric vehicle manufacturer, this created many challenges. In the race to get production levels at their optimum level for higher productivity and profitability, there was a critical need to increase cart loads so that they could safely carry more batteries on a cart. With the current push/pull force of 70 lbs., achieving these goals using standard casters wasn’t increasing anything…Except overexertion injuries.

The Solution

The manufacturer turned to Caster Concepts, who has helped many companies move loads between 3k and 5k safely. The manufacturer’s material handling carts were soon equipped with TWERGO XTREME casters. These ergonomic casters make moving heavier loads easier by minimizing friction and eliminating scrubbing and sliding when the wheel is turning.

These casters have the same features and benefits as the original and popular TWERGO Wheels. The difference is in the barbell design, where the wheels are on the outside of the rig. This design helps disperse weight and puts more rubber on the road, giving you maximum load capacity and maximum economic benefits!

The Result

In every plant where Twergo™ Extreme casters were equipped, push and pull requirements met and exceeded all specifications for that plant. This typically enabled loads to increase from 1500 lbs. to 1800-2300 lbs. All while keeping initial push force between 35 and 45 lbs. Because these heavier loads could be moved with less effort and exertion, productivity was increased and incident reports decreased, along with the costs associated with them.