Delaminating Casters Taking Chunk Out of Concrete Shoring Company's Bottom Line. - Caster Concepts


At a company that designs and builds forming and shoring equipment for concrete construction, lightweight doesn’t cut it. So when the company was continually ordering crane wheels from overseas to replace the wheels that keep delaminating, costs, and frustrations, were adding up.


Because of the bonding issues the company was experiencing with their casters, they continually were purchasing more wheels, spending a lot to get the wheels shipped to them, and losing time and labor to constantly replace the wheels on their material handling carts.

That’s when Caster Concepts came up with a solution: Remold their current wheels with our standard 95 urethane poly. Great for many applications, this polyurethane has high tear strength and resistance to flat spotting. It is a good general-purpose wheel that can hold up under demanding conditions.


The new wheels featuring Caster Concept’s 95A polyurethane lasted a year longer than the old wheels. This was a savings of $10,000 every time they have to order wheels sourced from Europe, plus the expense and labor involved in changing out the wheels.