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A Two-Fingered Result. TWERGO® Lite Surpassed Competitors on 800 lb. Test.


Even yarn can get heavy. The largest yarn distributor in North America was having an issue moving carts full of yarn through their facility. These carts have an 800lb. load and are difficult to move, especially for female operators.

The owner of the company decided to try “ergonomic” casters from three different manufacturers to begin to solve their problem. Each caster model was similar in price.


The distributor decided to conduct a study to find which ergonomic caster wheels would better maneuver the carts which were causing difficulty for their operators. They purchased two TWERGO® Lite heavy-duty wheels and two other ergonomic caster wheels at a similar price. After testing all three sets, they were amazed at how easy it was to push the 800lb. cart with the TWERGO® Lite wheels. “I was able to push my [fully loaded] cart with just two fingers”

In fact, the distributor was so thrilled with the quality of the TWERGO® Lite wheels they bought from Caster Concepts that they ordered a set for every cart in the distribution center