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TWERGOTM Alleviates Force Needed To Push Carts for Crane Manufacturer.


A manufacturer of overhead track systems was having issues with the carts that move steel blanks around their facility. The swivel casters had to be parallel to the rigid casters when pushing the cart or it would take two operators to get the cart moving. A solution was needed to alleviate the push force needed to move the carts.

The company was even considering a pricey motor-powered solution to alleviate their operators’ frustrations.


Caster Concepts recommended incorporating a set of four SoS Series 112 Dual Swivel Section Casters. These casters featured 10” TWERGO Heavy Duty Wheels with ErgoTread polyurethane. The company was skeptical and continued to assume that a motor-powered solution was the only answer.

The business owners were pleased to find that this solution not only got the carts rolling with only one operator. This solved their first problem – ease their employees’ frustration as the carts now only needed one person to get them moving. These wheels also solved their second problem – this cost-effective solution would end up saving them thousands of dollars over a motor-powered solution.