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Extreme Heavy Duty Casters Take the Pressure Off of Turntable Manufacturer.


A Japanese coal mining company contracted an Automation Systems Manufacturer to build them a turntable that handles up to 600,000 lbs. of coal as well as the weight of the turntable.

The turntable’s original extreme heavy duty casters built by another caster manufacturer failed. Worse, the caster manufacturer did not provide adequate support for their product.


Caster Concepts’ engineering team was chosen to fix the situation. They worked closely with the turntable manufacturer and developed two custom caster models to support the load and unique shape of the base of the turntable. Identifying key pressure points, the engineering team used low-profile casters to help distribute the load while the taller casters still carried a majority of the load capacity.

Not only did the Caster Concepts’ casters work, but the client had now found a manufacturer that could provide an exceptional product and support for their unique situation.