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Heavy-duty industrial caster wheels are common in a variety of situations and in numerous industries. A heavy-duty caster is one that can support a great deal of weight in a variety of temperatures and conditions. Below, you will discover some of the different applications that call for heavy-duty casters and learn whether these very popular products are right for your individual needs.

Manufacturing Cars and Planes

If you stop to think about how much your average compact sedan weighs (roughly 3000 pounds), then consider the weight of the average passenger plane (175,000 pounds), it becomes clear that heavy-duty casters support a wide variety of extremely heavy vehicles and modes of transportation. These casters not only support the crafts themselves, but they also play roles in the manufacturing and repair processes. In the case of a passenger plane, heavy-duty caster wheels support the engine stands and allow the hangar doors to roll open with ease. Heavy-duty casters are even found on helicopter pads and dollies for the purpose of moving a helicopter after it has landed.

Casters on Containers

A great deal of the heavy-duty casters manufactured around the world end up on containers designed to support a significant amount of weight. Containers, like anything else, need to be moved from time to time, and heavy-duty casters can help move them whether they are loaded or unloaded. In fact, with the use of the right brackets, a caster can be easily mounted to giant shipping containers and allow them to be moved without the use of a crane as is standard in ports. Many of the heavy-duty casters found on containers come with swivel locks and wheel brakes for added safety.

In Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities are especially well-known consumers of heavy-duty casters – particularly those that manufacture equipment and heavy machinery. These casters help move heavy parts and components across floors – sometimes hundreds of yards away – without the need to rely on heavy machinery or a forklift to do so. Some heavy-duty casters are ergonomic and allow a single operator to move a very heavy load with relative ease, all without fear of an overexertion injury. These casters are some of the most popular options in manufacturing facilities with numerous employees.

Foundries and Other Extreme-Temp Situations

Last, but most certainly not least, foundries and other plants that work with molten metals to cast auto parts or components must also rely on casters. These casters must be able to withstand the incredible weight of a container filled with molten metal, and they must be able to support that weight without risk of failure in order to keep employees safe. Aside from their capacity, they must also be heat-resistant and able to maintain their support in some of the most extreme environments imaginable.

Heavy-duty industrial casters are common in many environments and they can come with an incredible number of features. Today’s heavy-duty casters support tons and tons of weight, all without creating any additional risk for the operators – and in many cases, the casters can actually reduce the risk.