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Heavy Duty Caster Swivel Locks

When you lock a heavy-duty swivel caster, you convert it into a rigid caster. The purpose of locking a heavy-duty caster wheel into a fixed position on a material handling cart is so you can transport and steer the load over long distances. Once you are near the exact destination, the caster is unlocked so that the cart can be moved in any direction to position it. The locking caster provides flexibility for ease of movement in a tight area and ease of transportation when traveling a longer distance.

heavy duty casters with locks

Heavy Duty Casters with Locks

Heavy-duty locking casters can be built with a locking mechanism at the time it is manufactured, or you may request a field-installed brake for a caster that has previously been purchased.

We strongly suggest that if you want the ability to lock casters in your application, you should purchase a caster with the locks built into the original design. These types of locking casters are much more desirable and will have a greater usable life cycle than locks applied after the fact.

Heavy Duty Caster Locks as a Safety Option

Locks are also often considered a safety option, as a cart moved with two locked casters (rigid) and two swivels casters is much easier to handle than a cart that has four swivels. It takes a lot of force to keep a cart with 4 swivel casters on track and is more prone to operator injury when moving a loaded cart.

  • heavy duty casters with locks

    Passive Swivel Lock

    The passive swivel lock is used when full mobility of a unit is needed. The swivel lock plunger engages a detent and locks the caster for straight line movement. When side thrust is applied, the swivel unlocks, providing maximum maneuverability of the unit. This swivel lock is NOT RECOMMENDED for towed applications.

  • Foot Actuated Swivel Lock

    Foot Actuated Swivel Lock

    The foot operated swivel locking mechanism is the same as the standard swivel lock. To engage or disengage the lock, there is a pedal that can be operated by foot to improve ergonomics and speed of locking/unlocking a swivel caster.

  • Heavy-Duty Demountable Swivel Lock

    Heavy-Duty Demountable Swivel Lock

    Heavy-duty demountable swivel lock is a field-installed option available for the 80s and 90s Series casters.

  • Heavy Duty Swivel Lock

    Heavy Duty Swivel Lock

    The heavy duty swivel lock provides a longer, more accessible handle made from machined steel.

  • Demountable Swivel Lock

    Demountable Swivel Lock

    The demountable swivel lock is a field-installed option available up to the 71 Series. Other series can be ordered with demountable swivel locks where damage to the swivel may occur.

  • Vertical Mounted Swivel Lock

    Vertical Mounted Swivel Lock

    The vertical mounted swivel lock is mounted out of the way, under the yoke base of the caster. Used mostly in heavy duty applications, this swivel lock provides a more secure locking feature


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