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Heavy Duty casters, 5,000 lbs to 250,000 lbs, are Made in the USA and are often seen moving large materials and equipment easily. Each industrial caster uses a specific manufacturing process to offer optimal performance for various industrial applications.

Keeping our production in the United States means enjoying pure American Muscle with fewer delays and outsourcing risks. These true-blue American casters are designed for various situations, such as withstanding extreme heat or cold, or used with a chain-driven axle to move more than 250,000 lbs.

American Muscle casters also flex their muscle when it comes to:

Use our Find Your Caster tool to discover the best industrial heavy-duty caster for your unique needs.

Serving Industries, Solving Problems

Casters are important in how efficiently a plant or job site is managed.  They can be as critical of a factor as the other machinery and tools used.  Whether you work in the aerospace field, on the automotive line, or somewhere in between, we have helped countless customers manage their unique manufacturing applications.

Custom Casters are our Specialty

Have a unique or challenging need? We are happy to offer a custom solution.  We are experts at working with our clients to create custom casters for their situations.  Our in-field specialists can visit your facility, analyze your needs, and work with our experienced design engineers to make a recommendation on your best solution.

Need less push force? Need more power? Then look no further than Caster ConceptsWith experience in every industry from aviation and agriculture to oil and gas, we are proud to help your business keep moving with our American-made caster products.