In a time of mass production, it’s a special thing when someone can teach, train and hand down skills like CNC Turning to the next generation. For a company that has been doing this since 1927, it’s become far more than just handing down skills. It’s about having a love for what you do. At Albion Machine and Tool, skilled hands, sharp minds and countless hours of sweat equity produce parts created by superior workmanship and delivered with shorter lead times.

Perfecting the process of large CNC Turning.

You’ll find that things are constantly turning at Albion Machine and Tool. Such as producing parts for the 50,000-pound capacity 99 Series rig for our parent company, Caster Concepts. Or, turning a concept into a 3D model overnight. From the beginning, Albion Machine and Tool always thinks big. Which is why companies depend on Albion Machine and Tool’s unique capabilities in large machining services involving CNC Turning.

Reaching the Summit

Having large CNC turning capabilities isn’t for everyone. In fact, many companies balk at investing this type of capital. Albion Machine and Tool embraces these opportunities. Today, large turning applications are considered one of our specialties.

A good example of Albion Machine and Tools’ capabilities can be seen with our Summit Heavy Duty 60” Vertical Boring and Milling Machine. This heavy-duty machine provides enhanced dimensional part accuracy and consistent surface quality. It’s well suited to lathe big gears and sprockets.

Since its beginnings in the Roaring Twenties, Albion Machine and Tool has changed with the times. One thing, however, that remains unchanged is delivering exactly what our customers want backed up with a reputation for excellent workmanship and on-time delivery. Our years of experience in set-ups and tooling selection ensure parts are run quickly and in tolerance. Shown here is a current project involving a 44 ½” diameter sludge ring that will be welded on a tube for a high capacity application. 44 ½” diameter sludge ring that will be welded on a tube for a high capacity application.

Capabilities, capacity and cost awareness.

For large turning projects, you need to have both the capabilities and the capacity to get a project done right. Especially in today’s market where short lead times are a critical part of the profitability equation.

There are some competitors (not many) who do some large turning projects. Just be prepared to spend a lot of money to get what you need done. At Albion Machine and Tool, efficiency is the key, both in costs and production. With our large manufacturing facilities, Albion Machine and Tool has the open capacity and experienced machinists to deliver on-time and on budget.

 When you have a big job to do, you can depend on Albion Machine and Tool to get it done. We meet the needs of the Oil, Mining, and Manufacturing Industries with competencies that include:

– Large ring gears
– Sprockets
– Turning Brakes
– Industrial rolls
– Short Runs, prototypes and one-offs.

Combining human talent with generations of experience is what greatly enhances Albion Machine & Tool’s ability to quickly understand customers’ needs and react accordingly.  Backed by the core competencies of Caster Concepts, Albion Machine and Tool’s unique capabilities on a variety of lathes enables us to turn a wide variety of parts anywhere from less than an inch to large round and long tube.

Looking for a company that can go the distance?
← Our 
Metalworking Lathe can handle a rod 12 feet long and 26” in diameter.
Albion Machine and Tool is a company that adds value to a variety of customers and markets. We have large turning capabilities to handle most applications, with the ability to handle short runs, prototypes, and one-offs. We’re ready to turn up the production, so you can turn out a superior product. For more information on the large turning and custom capabilities of Albion Machine and Tool, click here.