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Casters are vital to the overall safety and production of workers in the automotive industry for various reasons. It is an extremely competitive industry and one that requires the constant movement of parts from one location to the next. We recommend a variety of heavy duty steel casters in the automotive industry that keep employees safer and improve the production process.


These are best used for line delivery and general assembly carts and racks that are in use throughout the day. ERGOXCEL rigs have an ergonomic design that reduces necessary force by reducing friction. What’s more, because they are virtually maintenance-free, they improve productivity by offering less downtime than more traditional casters and caster wheels.


In the automotive industry, some parts are considered quite fragile, and the wrong bump or jolt could result in breakage. For this reason, we recommend using CasterShox brand casters to transport windows and windshields. These casters absorb shock tremendously, allowing safer movement of fragile parts. They are also ideal for moving small parts carts that may need to move over obstacles, and per Caster Concepts own research, adding these to the tail end of line delivery carts can even allow the addition of more carts, improving productivity.

Twergo & Twergo Lite

Twergo casters can support up to 5000lbs each, making them perfect for carts that carry heavier parts across assembly floors. We recommend them for carts carrying stamped parts, axles and gears, bumpers and parts racks, and even trash containers thanks to their heavy-duty design. Twergo Lite casters are much the same, only designed for lesser loads. These are best used for line delivery carts (on the front-most carts) and for general assembly purposes.

Swivel-on-Swivel Rigs

Today’s technology allows for remote-controlled and auto-guided vehicles in the automotive industry. These can increase production a great deal and allow workers to focus on more important parts of the assembly process. Swivel-on-swivel rigs are perfect for auto-guided vehicles or AGVs as they allow a massive range of motion that improves safety and boasts simpler use.

Drive Casters

Finally, drive casters and drive caster conversion kits provided by us are the industry’s first of their kind. With the right kits, they are simple enough to fit most carts, carriers, and racks, and they are even sufficient for some of the heaviest loads. Drive casters can provide enhanced productivity by allowing one employee to move a load where it may have taken two or more in the past. Reducing operators is vital for enhanced production, and drive casters can provide that boost.

As you can see, we offer a variety of heavy duty steel casters that are designed to make the automotive industry safer and more productive than ever before. Contact us today to learn more about the right types of products to suit your unique needs. The Caster Concepts team specializes in providing the right tools and equipment for a variety of industries, but they got their start in the automotive sector, and they still continue to serve it today.