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For applications that involve massive loads, selecting the appropriate casters is crucial for ensuring efficiency, safety, and long-term performance. They reduce the frequency of replacements (saving costs of new casters and downtime), while enabling greater loads per cart.

Caster Concepts offers heavy duty casters to handle extreme weights and demanding environments. These weight capacities consist of 5,000 lbs. and above, which covers our 80 series and 90 series casters. Let’s review:

Kingpin Casters: 80, 85, 90, 95, 99

Kingpin casters are the way to go when you need sturdy and robust casters for high-capacity applications or prefer easy access to components. The kingpin setup allows for adjustment as the swivel sections experience wear. This design utilizes a load bearing and thrust bearing to transmit the load.

Caster Concepts offers several series with a kingpin design, including the 80 series (maximum capacity of 5,000 pounds per caster), the 85 series (maximum capacity of 10,000 pounds per caster), the 90 series (maximum capacity of 8,000 pounds per caster), the 95 (maximum capacity of 17,000 pounds per caster) and the 99 series (50,000 pounds per caster). These casters provide exceptional stability and durability, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

Most traditional swivel casters with a kingpin will fail when used for towing applications. That’s because such casters are not engineered for the type of high-speed cornering that a cart under tow is subjected to. The threaded kingpin does, however, allow you to tighten the kingpin for varying levels of swivel resistance.

Kingpinless Casters: 81, 91

For applications that prioritize ease of movement and rollability without compromising on load capacity, kingpinless casters are an ideal choice. A kingpinless swivel section has fewer components, so less maintenance is required as no nut needs to be retightened.

Caster Concepts’ 81 series (maximum capacity of 10,000 pounds per caster), 91 series (maximum capacity of 20,000 pounds per caster), and 99 series (maximum 50,000 pounds per caster) feature a kingpinless design. These casters offer enhanced swiveling ability, making them well-suited for applications where maneuverability is crucial.

By removing the kingpin, loads are distributed more evenly across the remaining components in the swivel section – they offer a highly cost-competitive alternative to traditional towing casters.

Maintenance-Free Casters: 87 and 97

Maintenance-free casters are an excellent choice for applications where constant maintenance of carts or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) is not desired.

These casters are designed to operate smoothly without regular upkeep, making them ideal for continuous-use scenarios. The 87 series from Caster Concepts falls under this category, offering a maximum capacity of 5,000 pounds per caster. At the same time, the 97 has a maximum capacity of 20,000 pounds per caster, providing both convenience and reliability.

Caster Concepts caters to different preferences and specific requirements by offering various caster options. Whether you prioritize maintenance-free operation, durability, or ease of movement, a heavy-duty caster series is available to suit your needs.

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