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Did you know that the leading injury in the workplace is due to overexertion?

According to the 2017 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index the 10 leading causes of the most disabling work-related injuries account for $49.9 billion, or 83.4 percent of the total cost of $59.9 billion.  The top three causes – which collectively represent almost half of the cost of the leading accidents – are overexertion ($13.8 billion, 23 percent), falls on same level ($10.6 billion, 17.7 percent) and falls to lower level ($5.5 billion, 9.2 percent).

Many carts used in manufacturing and distribution facilities transport thousands of pounds of materials. That much weight can do a lot of damage if it slams into a person, or runs over their toes or requires the operator to exert their strength to stop the cart.

Fortunately, Caster Concepts offers a complete line of accessories for casters that can help reduce the risk of these types of injuries, these include:

Toe Guards provide a cost effective barrier around the wheel of a caster that prevent obstructions (including feet and toes) from coming into

contact with the wheel. In addition to protecting workers this can prevent wheel damage and ultimately extend wheel life.

Brakes are a vital safety component of every vehicle on the road.  Why should the carts on your shop floor be any different?  Brakes not only prevent unwanted motion when carts are parked, but they allow for faster emergency stops.  Without the use of a brake, the force required to stop a cart in motion must come from the operator.  This sudden application of force creates the conditions conducive to an over-exertion injury.  Overexertion involving outside sources was the number one cause of workplace injuries in 2013 and cost the U.S over $15 billion. Caster Concepts offers 7 types of brakes, ensuring that you’ll find the one to serve your exact application.

Swivel Locks give users the ability to easily convert a caster from a swivel to a rigid in seconds.  This can come in handy when precise control is need to move an application along a direct path.  There are a variety of swivel locks available to ensure a fit for every application.