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Note – Industrial wheel refers to wheels used in manufacturing plants, distribution facilities and wheels carrying loads greater than 1,500lbs.

The wheel is referred to as “The Hallmark of Man’s Innovation”, arguably the greatest invention in human history. No single invention has had such a profound impact on mobility, not even boats, which ironically were invented before the wheel.

Where the wheel was invented is not known for certain. Historians believe it was invented in 3500 B.C. by the ancient Mesopotamian’s as a potter’s wheel, used to make pottery, not for transportation. It was about 300 years later that wheels were used on chariots to transport people.  Since then, there have been numerous improvements made to the wheel to achieve various objectives like safety, greater capacity, smoother roll and more.

Why do we try to reinvent the wheel, specifically the industrial wheel?

The primary reason is because industrial environments have changed, the new goals of plants and factories command a change. Modern day manufacturing facilities have advanced greatly from the gritty, dirty, rough and tough environments they used to be. The loud, dirty and dangerous factories of the past are now clean, well maintained and heavily focused on safety.

It is feasible to say that every major manufacturing plant in the United States has safety as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), and that plant manager’s area heavily focused on this KPI. Another KPI that is important in factories is productivity. Both Safety and Productivity can be improved with industrial wheels.

One way to improve upon the Hallmark of Mans Innovation, is with greater innovation. Innovation so great, it’s patented. We offer two patented wheels that increase safety and can help increase productivity.

TWERGO®, our multi wheel in one design that unites 2 or 3 wheels into the width of a traditional single wheel, resulting in unparalleled ergonomic improvements and virtually eliminates scrubbing.

CasterShoX®, a noise reducing wheel that integrates the patented ShoX® absorption system into the center of the wheel, addressing shock at the source, reducing vibration and noise.

We have also formulated a polyurethane tread material that returns energy, reducing the amount of force required to roll, and reducing the risk of damage to flooring.