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Before SOS Casters, swivel and rigid casters not in sync frustrate and injure workers.

Dual Swivel Section Caster, SoS 112 Series


A manufacturer of overhead track systems uses steel blank carts to move materials. These carts were often left in a position where the swivel casters were not parallel with the rigid casters, making it even harder to start these carts rolling. This task often took two operators to perform. Because of the operator complaints,  the company was considering motor-powered solutions to alleviate the number of overexertion injuries.


The company was skeptical that a non-motorized caster would solve their problems. However, they agreed to test a set of 4 Swivel-On-Swivel Dual Swivel Section Casters. These casters were then equipped with 10” TWERGO® Heavy Duty Wheels utilizing ErgoTread polyurethane. The improvements were amazing and far exceeded expectations. A single operator could now get these carts rolling without having to use all their strength. The owners were pleased to find a solution that was significantly less costly than powered carts.


Reduced requirement for two operators down to one improved employee morale and reduced injuries. It also provided a cost-effective solution versus powered carts, saving several thousands of dollars per cart.