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Power Savings, Precise Movements, and Proven Performance for Your Automated Guided Vehicle.

As the Automated Guided Vehicle  (AGV) movement experts, Caster Concepts makes casters and caster wheels that help AGVs maneuver and move easier. And easier movement means less friction and increased battery life. Another benefit is that your AGVs will experience limited vehicle sway, enabling them to move heavier loads without the added expense of adding a larger drive system.

Experience Better Maneuverability with TWERGO® Twin- and Triple-Wheel Designs.

Our TWERGO® Twin- and Triple-wheel designs have independently spinning wheels that rotate in either direction. This helps to minimize friction and reduce the effort of turning and maneuvering. It also makes them ideal for AGVs and long Tugger trains. And their superior maneuverability also means shorter paths and less install work.

Minimize the Effects of Poor Flooring/Uneven Loading with our CasterShox® Shock Absorbing Caster

CasterShoX‘s patented technology combines the very best attributes of spring technology and polymer dampening technology. This technology duo dampens noise on busy plant floors and absorbs shock at the axle level. These benefits significantly reduce the impact on the cart and its contents.

Case Study: AGV Cart with High Maneuverability and Payload.

The Situation: BAE approached Conceptual Innovations to develop an Omni Directional Cart. The cart needed to carry 40K lbs. of payload in and out of weld cells.

The Solution: A complete turnkey cart (100″ wide by 250″ long) that consisted of 4 Omni Directional drive pods and 4 load-bearing swivel-on-swivel 97 Series casters from Caster Concepts. LEARN MORE.

Our heavy-duty casters are featured on Conceptual Innovation’s multi-pod Omni Direction Drive Systems (see case study) and are available in many configurations to solve a variety of challenging applications.

In-House Polyurethane Manufacturing for any Situation.

Purple Polyurethane Caster WheelsPolyurethane Wheels are often used on automated guided vehicles due to the variety of different hardness (durometer) available to achieve specific benefits. Our Urethanes range from high performance for drive wheels to non-marking, debris-rejecting, and energy-efficient for improved power usage. All our wheels are manufactured in house, allowing us to customize and engineer a polyurethane solution for any application.

Caster Concepts has a full line of AGV cart casters and wheels designed for use with AGVs and tuggers, offering an efficient and economical choice for many continuous-duty applications.