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When there is a need for speed to create a competitive advantage – primarily in low or varied volume and custom-engineered products –Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) wins the day. With QRM, a company’s focus centers on quickly responding to customers by reducing lead times throughout the process. 

A precise QRM metric called Manufacturing Critical-path Time (MCT) is used to identify specific areas that benefit from reduced lead times. MCT is the amount of calendar time from when a customer’s order is created, through the critical path, and until the first piece of that order is delivered. Once MCT is utilized and shorter lead times to customers are realized, areas of inefficiency (reworking due dates, updating forecasts, overtime costs) are reduced or eliminated.

Benefits of Quick Response Manufacturing

Responding faster to customers naturally has its advantages. Three top ones are:

1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

– Delivering a product that a customer wants (regardless of special requirements) when they want it means that they will buy from you again. You stand behind your commitments.

2. Increased Cash Flow 

–The faster you get products to your customers, the faster the process of getting paid. This cash influx also gives you more flexibility and a greater ability to respond to market changes.

3. Increased Innovation 

–Quick Response Manufacturing Drives companies to continue to find ways to keep improving. This mindset has pushed Caster Concepts to improve ergonomic casters and wheels, dramatically increasing the safety of workers and decreasing the costs associated with injuries related to high push force.

Improving quality and reducing lead times are strategies that Caster Concepts incorporates to stay competitive. Along with this strategy is an understanding that to make their commitment to customers work, it requires a team of people who understand that the promises they make — whether it’s to fellow team members or customers — are fundamental for success. This commitment to excellence, to relentlessly pursue the highest level of customer service, is something every good company strives for every day and in every way.

You’ll find our multi-functional casters and wheels utilized in a variety of applications in the industrial, automotive, food service, aerospace, material handling, and other demanding markets. To learn more about Caster Concept’s capabilities, please contact us at or call 517-680-7950.