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Polyurethane wheels offer a durable, ergonomic and efficient tread to any heavy-duty caster – but the rigors of heavy loads, long runs, and high speeds eventually take their toll, giving you the choice of remolding or replacing the wheel.

Even when used within the limits of the original compound, most poly tires will wear to the point that they need replacing. In many cases, remolding the original core is a cost-effective alternative to reordering a new wheel.

Reaction Industries
At Reaction Industries, part of Caster Concepts family of companies, we can remold a new tire onto an existing core, and it is all done in house. The advantages of remolding include:

What is the remolding process?

Caster Concepts can rework worn or damaged wheels with high-performance polyurethane that is engineered to provide maximum cut & tear strength, is U.V. stable, and is resistant to harmful solvents. All at a cost that is far lower than the cost of replacing the wheel. Remolding starts by stripping the wheels of the existing polyurethane. After cooling, the cores are blasted to recover the wheel core. The bores are then inspected to assure they adhere to the original dimensions. The reconditioned cores are then prepped, and a new tire is applied just like an original. After the new tire is applied and post cured, new bearings are installed and prepared for returning to the customer.

When the time comes to replace a polyurethane wheel, lower costs, recycling opportunities, and extended use are some of the benefits of remolding a wheel instead of purchasing a new one.

Have a question regarding remolding a poly caster or recreating the wheel? Please contact us at 517-680-7950 or email

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