Diversity of Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels

Preventing operator strain and eliminating injuries to an operator’s foot can be accomplished by choosing a wide range of standard and custom accessories and replacement parts from Caster Concepts.

You’ll find a wide variety of caster swivel locks that give operators more flexibility when transporting and maneuvering material handling carts, such as demountable, foot-actuated, or automatically engaged swivel locks.

Safety is always a top priority, and our caster wheel brakes include single and dual side brakes, face contact brakes, wraparound, and poly lock and poly cam brakes for increased safety and stopping power.

For the prevention of foot injuries, our toe guards, are a simple and very effective option. Other accessories designed to make casters move easier include track wipers that help clear debris that would stop the wheel’s movement on a track. Another option is steering tubes that reduce exertion and make it less physically taxing on an operator in manual cart operations.

Caster Concepts can assist you with custom parts and custom-engineered solutions for your heavy duty casters to meet any need that prolongs and safeguards the life of your heavy duty industrial caster or wheel investment.

Category: Caster Accessories