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Injuries due to overexertion cost US businesses billions of dollars every year. That’s why we at Cas ter Concepts have been dedicated to developing innovative products like our Swivel on Swivel casters that reduce energy exerted, as well as reduce the risk of injury, all while increasing productivity.

What is a Swivel on Swivel caster?



A swivel-on-swivel caster is designed with two different swivel sections stacked on top of each other, slightly offset. It integrates a maintenance-free, kingpinless rig on top of a larger maintenance-free, king-pinless rig, creating the “Ultimate Ergonomic Rig.” This innovative design achieves ergonomic benefits that exceed traditional kingpinless rigs used on heavy duty cart casters.

This unique configuration allows the caster to perform a full circle of motion while providing additional freedom within that circle. This feature greatly improves maneuverability, making it ideal for specific applications.

  1. Manually Pushed Operations: Swivel on swivel casters excel in situations where the caster needs to make precise 90-degree turns during movement. This can be challenging for push-pull forces, but swivel on swivel casters help by generating momentum before the wheel starts to move.
  2. AGV Applications: Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) often follow repetitive routes. Swivel on swivel casters are excellent in AGV applications because they help AGVs stay on track without deviating from their intended path. This minimizes the castering effect and ensures the vehicle’s precise movement. Easier movement of the swivel section also means less effort to maneuver, extending battery life.

The Swivel on Swivel rig

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Swivel On Swivel SOS Casters

By placing a swivel section on top of a swivel section, we are able to achieve a longer swivel lead than conventional casters, which reduces force required to rotate the caster and start rolling. Also, the 2nd swivel section transfers energy to the 1st swivel section, which aids with the rotation and reduces the amount of shifting that occurs. This is extremely beneficial if maneuvering the cart, by reducing shifting and force needed to rotate the caster and change direction, the dual swivel caster reduces operator fatigue and risk of injury.

-Substantial reduction in force exerted to start a cart rolling when the wheels are not all parallel

-Reduces the amount of force needed to maneuver, especially in tight areas

-Potentially eliminates shifting when moving straight back and forth, rotating the swivel casters 180 degrees

Enhance maneuverability and precision in heavy duty cart casters

Swivel on swivel casters, a versatile solution for various applications, provide enhanced maneuverability and precision in both manually pushed operations and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). For more information on how Caster Concepts’ products like Swivel on swivel can maximize your productivity and help reduce costs, Give us a call at 888-772-6790 or Contact us.