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Do you need Industrial Heavy Duty Casters for your unique assembly process?  Looking for the right solution to move products and equipment quickly?  While there are many options to choose from regarding high-capacity casters, few offer the performance and reliability of our made-in-the-USA casters.

We offer industrial equipment solutions for every type of unique manufacturing industry.  Standard heavy-duty casters can’t compete with industrial heavy-duty steel or other casters regarding toughness.  To keep your processes running smoothly, choosing the right equipment for the job is always best.

Here are the basics about our casters for heavy duty caster applications.

What makes Industrial Heavy Duty Casters Different?

Why choose industrial casters over other heavy duty options?  The answer is simple: Caster Concepts casters are specifically engineered to move materials from 5,000 to 250,000 lbs.  Each industrial caster is crafted using a specific manufacturing process to offer optimal performance for the industry it serves.

There are many benefits to investing in high capacity casters:

When it comes to the solutions you use, don’t settle for less than the best!  Choose our industrial heavy duty casters.  We are the industry leader in material handling techniques.

To discover the best industrial heavy duty caster for your unique needs, use our Find Your Caster tool.