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Swivel Casters



Heavy-duty swivel casters and swivel plate casters are made in a hot-forged process using 1045 steel which is machined for an extended life cycle no matter what the application may be.

-The kingbolt provided is 1 inch in diameter, heat-treated, and fixed with a slotted nut.

-The axle size is 3/4″ in diameter and varying lengths depending on wheel face width.

-The legs are 3/8″, formed for extra strength and 3″ wide.

The legs are welded to the swivel section by a continuous weld on the inside and outside of the leg. The heavy-duty caster will accommodate 2-4 inch wheels, depending on the desired capacity.

These swivel casters can be fitted with either tapered bearings, roller bearings or ball bearings. The surface finish of the product can be either zinc plated, wet painted, or powder coat painted. Any and all of the above features can be utilized to provide a caster that provides a prolonged life of the product while in service.

Caster Concepts’ heavy-duty swivel casters can be fitted for a variety of options, including brakes (poly lock, face contact, single or dual side),swivel lock (factory installed or field installed), toe guards, and sealed swivel sections. For further protection, sealed wheels and heat-treated raceways are also offered.


Heavy Duty swivel casters are some of the most popular casters used across many industries and in multiple operating environments. The hot forged swivel sections used in the heavy-duty swivel casters are well suited for many in the plant operations where the application or work environment provides a very harsh test for the product.


Heavy Duty swivel casters and swivel plate casters are used for a variety of applications. These casters are suitable for medium-duty, power drawn equipment as well as heavier duty manually handled equipment. This includes: gantry craneswork platformsdragline truckswarehouse trucksmodular home assembly operationsproduction rackscarts or fixtures,high capacity die tablesmachinery dolliescorrugated steel box trucksheavy portable storage racksgreen tire racks,scrap hoppers and other manual or powered applications.


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